Gather your friends and family and create a team to run, walk, or stroll our beautiful 3.1 mile course.

(Couch Potato Teams Count!)

Any team consisting of 10 or more members can sign up at the low rate of $12 per team member if signed up before 4/1/18. After 4/1/18, the rate is $18 per team member. Your team name will be listed on the backs of the T-shirts, so it’s time to be creative! 

  •  Each member MUST fill out and sign an individual registration form.
  • Teams can also sign up Online: Online Registration.
  • ALL paper based forms  for team registration MUST BE SUBMITTED TOGETHER.
  • Team registrations must be received by April 1st in order to have their names on the event T-shirts.
  • All Teams need a name and a Team Captain.

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